INTERVIEW with Amy Beers & the Inspiration Behind the Indy Beer Mile

Real Estate Agent, Julie Tornquist with Welcome Home Indy, interviews our founder, Amy Beers on her inspiration for creating Drinking with Beers and the Indy Beer Mile tour.

"I used to work on a cruise ship and have also done quite a bit of traveling...when I came back to Indy and I was riding around downtown on my bike one day's like I discovered the city with a new set of eyes. I thought to myself 'Wow...Indy is really diverse!' ... and I knew we had a lot of really great restaurants ...but seeing it in a new way inspired me to share this new perspective by creating the Indy Beer Mile. And while I still encourage travel because we can't necessarily replicate a culture, we can certainly learn and experience a taste of aspects of different cultures right here in our own city."